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As a Superior Court Judge who has held court in 58 counties of this state, as the elected District Attorney of Durham, charged with managing one of the largest law firms in the State and with the obligation to prosecute roughly 60,000 cases annually, and as a Colonel in the Army Reserve, commanding 109 lawyers and paralegals charged with delivering legal services to soldiers and soldiers' family members at Fort Bragg, Fort Stewart, and Fort Jackson, I have proven that I have the legal acumen and leadership skills to continue my service as a highly effective Resident Superior Court Judge for Durham County.

My trial experience as a prosecutor in Durham County, where I acted as lead counsel in approximately 100 jury trials, several of which represent the most notorious cases in Durham history, and as a Superior Court Judge, where I have presided over more than 100 criminal and civil jury trials, shows that I am the most uniquely qualified and experienced
candidate seeking this position.The breadth of my experiences as a Superior Court Judge, as a litigator, as an Army Officer, and as an elected policymaker for our judicial district clearly demonstrate that I have the strongest credentials to successfully serve Durham as a Resident Superior Court Judge. These professional experiences and those related to the extensive lifelong involvement that I have had in numerous civic organizations show an unparalleled commitment and dedication to this community.

Succinctly stated, I have spent 25-plus years of my professional life in our courtrooms, while serving the community where I was born and raised.  I wish to continue in this service.